Analyzer 3.6 Release Features Speed Boost And More

Waves in Motion has released an update for Analyzer, bringing it to version 3.6. Analyzer is a database diagnostic analyzer designed for FileMaker Pro databases. The update ships with speed enhancements and additional search functions. According to Waves in Motion:

Analyzer 3.6 is up to twice as fast and has many new enhancements.

Analyzer pinpoints common database errors with its unique red Problem Dot system that identifies broken relationships, broken value lists, missing scripts and more. In a glance, Analyzer provides all dependencies for fields, layouts, buttons on layouts, relationships, scripts, script steps, value lists and passwords. With expanded hot linking capabilities, users can jump to information about a referenced item with a single click, and work across databases in both directions.

In addition to the speed improvement, Analyzer 3.6 sports five major new features:

  • We added dependency records for all references to Relationships
  • We extended support for Sort Fields into Problem Dots, Reports, and Search attributes
  • We added a new Search attribute called "depended-on count", so you can
    find elements based on how many elements depend upon them
  • We restored support for Searching Global Notes and Analysis Notes, and added 15 other new Search attributes
  • We eliminated duplicate dependency records, reducing the size of your Analyzer databases

You can find more information about the Analyzer update at the Waves in Motion Web site. Analyzer upgrades from version 3.5 are available for US$29.00, while the full version is available for US$189.00.