Animate Your Icons With An Update

Kinetic Creations has updated their desktop enhancement software for displaying animated icons, Kineticon. The latest version fixes bugs and improves its interface. According to Kinetic Creations:

Kinetic Creations, Inc. has released Kineticon version 2.0, a major update to the Mac OS System Extension that allows users to replace their static icons with icon animations.

Kineticon selectively replaces icons displayed by your Mac with icon animations. Wherever the Mac OS would normally draw a regular, static icon, Kineticon can replace it with an icon animation. Included with the Kineticon package is an icon animation editor. This editor allows you to create your own animated icons and includes drag and drop support between itself and the Mac OS Finder and 3rd party graphic or icon editors.

  • Kineticon version 2.0 incorporates the following changes from version 1.7.2:
  • Kineticon Editor has be renamed to, simply, "Kineticon"
  • Kineticon (Editor)is user interface has been greatly simplified
  • It is no longer necessary to copy and paste icons in the Finder - Kineticon handles this for you
  • The "Kines (Disabled)" folder is no more. All Kines are now stored in the "Kines" folder
  • Other minor bug fixes

The Mac OS X version is not ready yet.

Kineticon is available for US$14.95. A full download or CD version (both including many extra, professionally rendered animations) is available for $19.95 and $24.95 respectively. You can find more information at Kinetic Creations Web site.