Announcing The TMO "I Use A Mac" T-shirts

Last month, we introduced our own line of TMO Mac gear, and we would like to thank our readers for the enthusiastic response from everyone. Today we are introducing a new shirt to go along with our TMO Classic logo shirt, and the "...because Windows sucks" shirts. The new shirt says simply "I use a Mac." For those looking for a way to let others know which platform you prefer, "I use a Mac" doesnit get any clearer.

This shirt has the TMO Logo on the back of the collar, and is a very high quality shirt. We offer it with pride, and hope that you like it, and that you will support TMO by purchasing it, or one of our other shirts, mugs, and hats.

The "I use a Mac" shirt is priced at US$19.95, and we are still offering our US$2.00 off coupon. If you want multiple products, go ahead and order once for each product so that you can use the coupon on each one of them. To use the coupon, enter the coupon code TMO-01 at checkout (thatis TMO-(zero)1).