Another Episode Of The Macinchat Show Available

There is another episode of the Macinchat Variety Show available for your consumption. The guys at Macinchat provide a a different, light hearted look at all things Macintosh. Rather than offering up the weekis news, Macinchat offers some spoofs and commentary about the current state of the Mac universe. According to the Macinchat Variety Show:

The glorious 18th episode of everyoneis favorite ear-candy, iThe Macinchat Variety Show,i is posted for your listening pleasure.

Come hear the usual nonsense, including off-the-wall Macintosh news, phoney Mac commercials, fake phone calls to local businesses about the Mac, the top 9.6beta4 list, and everyoneis favorite commentator, iBruce.i Of course there is more, so you just have to run over there and hear the show!

Check out the 18th episode at and see one of the hosts (Bill) at MacWorld Expo. He will be giving out CDis and T-shirts, so have him paged!

You can find the latest episode at the Macinchat Web site.