Another Text Editing/Cleaning App Updated

Taylor Design has updated their powerful text editing utility, TextSpresso, to version 1.8.1. TextSpresso allows users to easily edit and clean text, removing unwanted spacing, characters, and other formatting from documents. According to Taylor Design:

What is TextSpresso?TextSpresso is an easy to use, professional level text editor and cleaner. TextSpresso includes over 190 filters and can handle a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Cleaning up E-mails, Web pages, MIME documents, and other Internet text.
  • Preparing text for the Internet to insure that it is readable regardless of transport method or end destination.
  • Fast, multi-pattern data extraction, such as extracting URLis from text.
  • Converting cross platform text files between Mac and PC with highly accurate and complete special character preservation.
  • Preparing text documents for publishing in HTML on the World Wide Web.
  • Preparing documents for print publishing using common rules of graphic design.
  • Whatever you need. TextSpresso lets users create new filters using 9 different core filter types including pattern matching, MultiFilter, and Data Extraction.

Highlights of the new 1.8.1 release include:

  • 190 built-in text filters, including new filters for preparing HTML tables, managing C++ source code, working with FileMaker Pro text exports, and improved filters for typesetters and graphic designers.
  • Improved memory management makes it easier to filter very large files (i.e. hundreds of MBis).
  • Important bug fixes in the Hot Filter system, which allows filtering of text in almost any Macintosh application.

TextSpresso is available for US$29.95. You can find more information at the Taylor Design Web site.