Another Tool Available For OS X

Tenon Intersystems has announced the availability of Java ServerPages for Mac OS X Server. Tennon also announced that iTools, a Tenon developed Apache Web server toolsuite for Mac OS X Server, now includes support for Java Server Pages. According to Tenon:

Tenonis implementation of JSP is an OS X Server port of Tomcat, an implementation of Java Servlet 2.2 and Java Server Pages 1.1. Tomcat is a subproject of the Apache Foundationis Jakarta Project designed to provide open source commercial-quality Java server solutions. Since the beginning of the year, there have been more than a quarter of a million downloads of Tomcat, but until this port JSP was not available on Appleis Mac OS X Server platform.

Brison Infotainment needed a robust, fast server capable of moving a variety of data, including streaming video. Their server solution of choice was Mac OS X Server. "OS X Server, by itself, is about 75% of the solution," noted Brian Ross, President of Brison Infotainment. "We went to Tenon, whose iTools product delivers the rest of the robust server tools that we needed to have a truly world-class server."

Java Server Pages enables designers to develop and maintain dynamic pages using XML technology that lets designers change page layouts without altering the underlying dynamic content. By separating page logic from design and display, JSP makes it faster and easier to build Web-based applications. The combination of Java Servlets (server-side modules to extend the capabilities of a web server) and JSP provide a platform-independent, extensible way to design Web sites, putting Macintosh firmly in the JSP Application Server arena.

iTools for Mac OS X server is available for US$495 and you can find more information at the Tenon Intersystems web site.