Another Week, Another Snak Update

Kent Sorensen has updated his popular IRC chat client, Snak, to version 4.6.3. Snak allows users to easily locate and participate in any one of thousands of Internet Relay Chat, or IRC, chat rooms. Snak provides an easy way to search for chats, manage actual discussions, and save important information about individuals met in chat sessions. According to Mr. Sorensen:

Version 4.6.3 of the program has been released.

This version includes a fix for a crash if a DCC chat window was closed by the other end while Snak was in the background, corrects a problem with text formatting and prevents windows from being opened outside the visible area.

An IRC Client is a program that will let you participate in discussions in Internet Relay Chat channels. IRC is a service that uses the Internet to connect a large number of servers all over the world. Individuals then connect to a nearby server with the help of a client program like Snak and join one or more of the thousands of channels that are available.

At any given time the largest of the IRC networks may have as many as 35.000 participants and almost anyone can find a channel that talks about a topic that is of interest to that particular person.

Snak is available for US$20. You can find more information at the Snak Web site.