Anti-Spam Law One Step Closer In California

Some time soon, Californians may be able to take back some control of their e-mail inboxes, according to an article at ZDNet News. A bill has recently passed the California Senate that would allow Californians to sue spammers for US$500 per violation of the law, or triple that if the spammer is found to be in intentional violation of the law. From the short ZDNet News:

The bill, which cleared the Senate Business and Professions Committee on a bipartisan 5-1 vote, also requires courts to impose an additional US$250 civil penalty per spam to be used to fund high-tech crime task forces throughout the state. Under current law, only a city attorney, district attorney, the state Attorney General and ISPs can go after spammers in court.

You can find the article at ZDNet News.

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