Apimac Italian Dictionary Update Released

Apimac has released an update for Apimac English-Italian Dictionary, bringing it to version 6.4. The Apimac English-Italian Dictionary is designed to be a comprehensive Italian language source for students learning Italian. The new version includes a mini-window function and an American Slang Dictionary. According to Apimac:

We are pleased to announce the release of Apimac English-Italian Dictionary 6.4, the latest version of our product for both Mac OS and Mac OS X. This release is a free minor update that reintroduces the highly requested mini-Window feature and includes an American Slang Dictionary.

Apimac English-Italian Dictionary is an application that combines all the necessary stuff for students learning Italian: a comprehensive and up-to-date dictionary with grammatical notes; a huge phrase book containing thousands of English phrases with Italian translation; an exhaustive business dictionary for helping users to write commercial letters, send emails and make phone calls in good Italian.

New in this release, among other minor changes: a mini-Window button that lets you minimize the application main window, as an effective way to spare screen space, and an American Slang Dictionary which includes more than 400 phrases along with their Italian translation.

You can find more information about the Apimac English-Italian Dictionary at the Apimac Web site. Apimac English-Italian Dictionary 6.4 is available for US$24.99.