Apimac Releases Maintenance Update For Clean Text

Apimac has released a new beta version of Clean Text, bringing it to version 3.4. Applimac Clean Text is a utility designed to eliminate text formatting for pasting. The update features fixes for various bug issues and interface mods. According to Apimac:

Apimac is pleased to announce Apimac Clean Text 3.4, the latest release of its handy application for removing, converting, encoding and replacing attributes from a text, setting it up for other uses.

Version 3.4 is a maintenance release that corrects a handful of reported issues (on the Print feature, on the Regular Expression search and replace engine, on the Shift text left/right and Capitalize sentences filters, and on the Find window, there are solved some issues affecting the Previous, Replace, and Replace & Find functions).

On the interface part, a keyboard shortcut is added for opening the Preferences panel, better tab browsing in the Replace section, and the Modify All and Modify Selection buttons are disabled when there is no text to clean or no filter is selected, amongst other minor fixes.

You can find more information about the latest Clean Text update at the Apimac Web site. Applimac Clean Text is available for US$14.99.