Apimac Updates Secret Folder With Bug Fixes

Apimac has released an update for Secret Folder, bringing it to version 2.4.1. Secret Folder is a utility designed for securely hiding files. The update features numerous bug fixes. According to Apimac:

Apimac is pleased to announce Apimac Secret Folder 2.4.1, the latest release of its shareware application that lets you hide a folder and its contents, for both Mac OS X and Mac Classic.

This new build is a recommended upgrade, as it fixes some bugs introduced in version 2.4, mainly a NilObject Exception error - which quitted the application and thus preventing it to set a link to a selected folder -, a bug at first launch in Classic - where the applicationis main window was not displayed -, and an error to correctly update old preferences files.

You can find more information about the Secret Folder update at the Apimac Web site. Secret Folder 2.4.1 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$14.95.