AppFactory Shipping New Version Of mTrading

AppFactory has released a new version of mTrading, bringing it to version 1.2. mTrading is a stock market utility designed for the management and updating of investment portfolios. The latest release adds several new features including multiple portfolio support and stock monitoring. According to AppFactory:

AppFactory is happy to launch a new version of mTrading, the OS X companion for personal investors.

This release isnot an update, it is a totally new software. We developed a new software from scratch geared toward investoris needs.

Features in 1.2:

  • With mTrading, your thoughts and energies are spent on the task and virtually none of it is spent on the software
  • Watch stocks : mTrading helps personal investor track a stock by letting him add to the watchlist as many stocks as he wants. For each stock he can have last news, historical charts and add upcoming company events to iCal
  • All basic transactions : mTrading offers all basic transactions needed by an investor : buying, sale, stock split, dividend, stock dividend, miscellaneous expenses, cash in and cash out. Personal investor can have multiple portfolios
  • Future Profit and loss updating : At any time, personal investor can see his future profit and loss for his holdings
  • Different views : In extra of portfolio, personal investor can see his past trades, other transactions as dividend, stock split, account transactions as cash in and cash out and a register
  • Personnalize home screen : Personal investor doesnit need to waste time to find informations. mTrading gets information for him. He can choose among top gainers, top losers and indices and personnalize home screen
  • Markets : Personal investor can track american, australian, british, french, german, italian and spanish stocks

You can find more information about the mTrading release at the AppFactory Web site. mTrading is available for US$14.95 until November 30th.