AppMac Releases Version 4.0 Of bManager and bManager CRM

AppMac has released new versions of bManager and bManager CRM, bringing them to 4.0. bManager is a contact management app designed for multiple clients and customers, and bManager CRM has more options than the standard feature set. The 4.0 release for both apps ships with several enhancements including search features and network support. According to AppMac:

appMac software announce bManager 4.0 and bManager CRM 4.0.

What is bManager 4.0 ?

bManager is a professional contacts and to do tasks manager It allows you to share your contacts on a network. A server allows you to manage users and privileges (add, modify and delete).

What is bManager CRM 4.0 ?

bManager CRM is an option with Customer Relation Ship Management functions. This is the more easy CRM application in the world ! CRM version also share contacts on a network.

What’s new ?

  • network version for CRM application
  • assistant to configure each application
  • 4 different view for each contacts (simple, extensible, tabview or drawer)
  • manage to do tasks for each users
  • add custom fields and custom checkbox
  • personalize the view of your contact list
  • powerful search function
  • add notes to a contact with styled text support
  • assign contacts to an user
  • attach documents to a contacts
  • create reports of activity of your sellers
  • create reports with beautiful graphics
  • new utility to import datas from a lot of databases and exports contacts
  • and more than 70 new functions !!!

You can find more information about the latest bManager and bManager CRM releases at the AppMac Web site. bManager is available for US$79.00, and bManager CRM is available for US$129.00.