AppMac Shipping New Videoconferencing App

AppMac has released a new application for Mac users, sVideo Monitor 1.0. sVideo Monitor is utility designed for videoconferencing over local or Internet connections using iChat. The app ships with a simple two-step process and features support for QuickTime videos. According to AppMac:

AppMac software announce sVideo Monitor 1.0 for Mac OS X

sVideo Monitor is a powerful video utility.

You can use it for videoconference with Apple iChat or to view remotely a video source with internet. Only two steps to use it !

1. Activate sVideo Monitor service at the place where you have something to diffuse or to supervise. (you need to connect a DV camera or a Webcam and connect your Mac to a network)

2. Connect to activated sVideo Monitor service using the same application on other Mac. You will view your remote video source !

sVideo Monitor works on a local network or on internet. With sVideo Monitor, you can also grab pictures or record movies at QuickTime format and use it for videoconference.

You can find more information about the sVideo Monitor release at the AppMac Web site. sVideo Monitor 1.0 is available for US$59.00.