AppMac Shipping Version 2.0 Of iGo

AppMac has released a new version of iGo, bringing it to version 2.0 iGo is a utility designed for managing URLs and frequent downloads. The latest version features expanded browser support and OS X compatibility. According to AppMac:

appMac software announce iGo 2.0 for Mac OS X.

What is iGo ?

iGo is a simple and powerful utility designed for Mac OS X. You can manage URLs which you often use, import and export. These URLs are accessible in a small window. You can use it if you donit want to manage URLs in your Web browser. You can use it to convert favorites from a Web browser to other browser.

What’s new ?

  • designed for Mac OS X
  • new interface, beautiful and easy

Import / export for:

  • Internet explorer
  • Netscape
  • Mozilla
  • Opera 6
  • Camino
  • Chimera
  • Apple Safari
  • iCab
  • Omniweb
  • wKids
  • wdesk
  • wKiosk

You can find more information about the latest iGo release at the AppMac Web site. iGo is available as freeware.