AppMac Shipping xDNS Builder 1.0

AppMac software has released a new app for Mac users, xDNS Builder 1.0. xDNS Builder is a Web development tool designed for server administrators. The app ships with set-up assistants and instant DNS server access. According to AppMac software:

AppMac software announce xDNS Builder 1.0.


xDNS Builders is a powerful and innovative utility for administrators of Web servers. You can setup a DNS service of Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server. A good solution for users of Apple XServe (which it misses such a tool).

Interface is very easy. Assistants help you to set up master domains and associated zone files.

Before xDNS Builder, administrators were to use the UNIX terminal. xDNS Builder is made with Apple Cocoa technology.

You can find more information about the xDNS Builder release at the AppMac software Web site. xDNS Builder 1.0 is available for US$59.00.