AppMac Shipping xTime Project 1.0

AppMac has released a new app for Mac users, xTime Project 1.0. xTime Project is a utility designed for project task management. The app ships with support for iCal and Apple AddressBook. According to AppMac:

appMac software announce that a NEW project management software for Mac OS X is available !


It?s now easier than ever to organize, track and manage projects.

Major features:

  • Very easy to use and powerful
  • Innovative way to manage and view projects (human resources are linked to tasks)
  • Designed for Mac OS X only with Apple Cocoa technology
  • Optimized to work with Apple iCal and AddressBook softwares

You can find more information about the xTime Project release at the AppMac Web site. xTime Project is available for US$99.00.

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