App Allows OS X Users To Track Time, Expenses

PandaWare has updated their time and expense tracking utility, TimeCache, to version 4.1.1. TimeCache allows users to easily track and record the amount of time spent on individual projects, ideal for monitoring billable hours. According to PandaWare:

The PandaWare Company has released a free maintenance update to TimeCache, its popular time and expense tracking application for Macintosh users who bill clients for project work. PandaWare TimeCache 4.1.1 includes a new feature and bug fixes.

Now TimeCache users can look up dates by popping up a calendar in any of TimeCacheis primary windows. In addition to this new feature, this update also addresses bugs, including a problem with inaccurate timing when starting the timer from the TimeCache Remote Control window, and another problem with printing in user-selected fonts.

TimeCache 4.1 works the way you do. You enter time and expenses on a Daily Log screen thatis like an electronic timesheet.

TimeCache makes it easy to enter data. It has an "Enter Job" window where you enter projects and billing categories in lists.Then next time you enter that item, you can simply choose it from a popup menu or start typing and let TimeCache complete your typing for you.

You can enter your time manually, or let TimeCache time you while you work. Every time entry has an associated billing amount that TimeCache calculates by multiplying your time by the billing rate for the billing category for that entry.

TimeCache is available for US$40. You can find more information at the PandaWare Web site.