App Allows Users To Record Sound Directly To Disk

Charismac Engineering has released a utility that allows users to record from an audio source directly to a hard disk, AudioScribe. Previously available as part of the Discribe CD mastering software package, AudioScribe is now available as a stand alone product. According to Charismac Engineering:

Charismac Engineering, Inc. released AudioScribe as a stand-alone audio recording product today. The utility was previously only available as part of Charismacis Discribe CD mastering program.

AudioScribe is a reliable, easy-to-use direct-to-disk audio recording software package. AudioScribe lets you record audio from virtually any input source including: vinyl records, cassette tape, and 8-tracks or even voice. AudioScribe creates uncompressed AIFF files that can easily be added to digital video products, listened to as stand-alone recordings or burned to CD using recording products like Charismacis Discribe CD mastering software.

AudioScribe includes many additional features including: automatic recording options, built in gain adjustment for precise audio level controls and manual or automatic file splitting capabilities.

AudioScribe is available at a special introductory price of US$9.95. You can find more information at the Charismac Engineering Web site.