App Helps Make Fundraising Easier

FUNDimensions has updated their fundraising software of the same name to version 3.6. FUNDimensions provides users with a variety of tools to help simplify the fundraising process, including a contact database, report generating capabilities, and more. The latest version adds a built-in word processor, allowing for users to more easily generate documents related to their current campaign. According to FUNDimensions:

Version 3.6 of FUNDimensions fundraising software is now shipping, with a new integrated word processor and other features.

The word processor is an optional plug-in that facilitates mail merge by making database information readily within the word processing environment. To add a donoris name, gift amount or any other information to a word processing document, you just select it from a list of fields. This is a very easy, fast way to produce mail merge documents. Eliminated are the hassles of exporting information, launching a separate program, locating the exported data, specifying the file format, etc.

The word processor can also be used to produce reports, where you can take advantage of formatting flexibility not found in other reporting tools within FUNDimensions. The word processor is full-featured, with paragraph and character style sheets, HTML capabilities and a long list of file formats that may be opened and saved.

FUNDimensions fundraising software is a database application for small non-profits and schools. It manages the entire fundraising process, helping these often understaffed organizations to raise more money, identify the best fundraising opportunities, and maintain a personal relationship with donors. Profiling charts, reports for the board of directors, and quick feedback on the progress of fundraising campaigns aid fundraisers in reaping the benefits of their technology investments.

Pricing for FUNDimensions starts at US$1729. You can find more information at the FUNDimensions Web site.