App Released To Test Access For Those With Disabilities

UsableNet has released an upgrade for Lift Onsite, bringing it to version 2.0. Lift Onsite 2.0 is a testing app designed to check if Web sites conform to federal guidelines of access for people with disabilities. The app specifically tests sites for compliance with section 508 and W3C guidelines. According to UsableNet:

UsableNet released version 2.0 of Lift Onsite, the only software tool for Mac web developers to test their Web sites to meet section 508 and W3C guidelines. Under section 508 all federally funded Web sites are required by law to make all content and programs offered on their Internet and intranet sites accessible to people with disabilities. The legislation also states that Web sites maintained by U.S. departments and agencies must be accessible, bringing accessibility issues to the attention of all Web developers. Lift Onsite simplifies the process of compliance for Mac Web developers.

Lift Onsite Version 2.0 has expanded its capabilities to include testing to meet section 508 guidelines, empowering Mac Web developers with the information and expertise they need to create and maintain usable and accessible Web sites. With Lift Onsite, web developers can evaluate, test, fix and report on their Web sites to comply with industry guidelines. Evaluations can be customized and developers can weight problems, allowing them to automatically rank and fix errors without sifting through a lengthy report.

Lift Onsite Top Features:

  • Automatic Evaluation - allows users to automate testing to meet accessibility and usability guidelines, saving time by eliminating manual evaluation of HTML.
  • Problem Identification - pinpoints problems and offers full explanations as well as links to additional information, simplifying the process of understanding and complying with guidelines including section 508.
  • Guideline Customization - customize the evaluation by selecting from a range of accessibility and usability guidelines.
  • Rule Prioritization - allows users to weight importance of rules based on specific needs. Web Developers can fix critical problems first, save time and prioritize.
  • Interactive Report - integration with web authoring tools allows developers to fix problems from directly within Lift Onsiteis interactive reports. Users can streamline the fixing process and use the report to document their work.

You can find more information about Lift Onsite at the UsableNet Web site. Lift Onsite is available for US$249.00.