AppleInsider Sees New Industrial Design for Next MacBook/Pro Revision

The next iteration of Appleis popular MacBook and MacBook Pro product lines will feature new industrial design, according to AppleInsider (AI) including aluminum and stainless steel enclosures for the heretofore always-been-plastic MacBook. While that may seem a somewhat vague prediction, the site offers some specific details such as use of Intelis Montevina processor, new innards, and a look at what kind of design cues the products will take.

First up is what the site didnit specify, and thatis an exact time frame for these new designs, but AI does have a logical estimate. Montevina, a new model from Intelis Centrino family, is expected to be released in June of this year. Logic suggests that new Macs using that processor will make their appearance within a few weeks, though it could be as long as a couple of months.

This timeframe has the added benefit of hitting falling at the end of the usual 18-24 month design cycle Apple has traditionally adhered to for its portable line.

AI also said that current iterations of the product are taking their design cues from MacBook Air, and to a lesser extent the recent revision to the iMac family. If the site is correct, that means MacBook Airis keyboard will come to the MacBook Pro, and that weill also see thinner MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

Lastly, AI said that the entire line will be metallic, which reflects an effort by Apple to make more of their computers out of more recyclable materials. You can get more details in AIis report.