AppleScript Enhancement Tool Enhanced

24U has released a developer version of their AppleScript enhancement tool, 24U Appearance OSAX. 24U Appearance OSAX DE 1.1.1 allows developers to include the features of Appearance OSAX in their shareware/freeware applications without the end user needing to register the product. According to 24U:

Effective immediately, 24U s.r.o. makes 24U Appearance OSAX DE (Developer Edition) available for direct download.

Until now, the developer edition was distributed only by e-mail upon individual requests from developers. To fulfil wishes of significant group of users, 24U now makes the developer edition available for download, and keeps only registration codes confidential.

With 24U Appearance OSAX DE 1.1.1 all the features of Appearance OSAX can be used now by developers even in their freeware, shareware and commercial software products. Their customers no longer need to register Appearance OSAX themselves.

Appearance OSAX DE 1.1.1 is a special version of Appearance OSAX, which will let developers distribute Appearance OSAX together with their products. Registering Appearance OSAX DE gives them the rights, tools, and information they need to distribute Appearance OSAX and their products.

Appearance OSAX gives AppleScript the features you always missed to communicate with user. It will let you pop-up alerts, display dialogs, open floating text message windows, show progress indicators, and post all kinds of notifications. Still as easy to use as "display dialog" but much more powerful.

Pricing for Appearance OSAX DE 1.1.1 depends on the cost of the developeris product. You can find more information at the 24U Web site.