AppleScript Pro Sessions Coming To Atlanta

Sterling Ledet & Associates and Scripting Matters are teaming for a four day seminar about Appleis powerful system-wide scripting language, AppleScript. The AppleScript Pro sessions will be held in Atlanta, and will feature sessions for both beginner and expert AppleScript users. According to Sterling Ledet & Associates:

A unique opportunity to learn more about AppleScript is coming up in Atlanta, Georgia, May 7-10.

Sterling Ledet & Associates and Scripting Matters Inc. are teaming up to offer four days of AppleScript Pro Sessions.

AppleScript is a powerful yet easy-to-use automation technology from Apple Computer. "AppleScript is one of Appleis best kept secrets, and itis saving smart businesses millions of dollars," said Shane Stanley, who will be leading the sessions. "It can literally change your working life--you can finally make your computer do all the tedious things theyire supposed to do."

"Learning AppleScript can enable users to save huge volumes of time on repetitive tasks," said Ray Robertson, who will be helping to lead the sessions. "In the printing market in particular, we have seen many cases where AppleScript shaves not hours or days off of complicated jobs, but weeks. The cost-savings and productivity increases are huge."

Suited for both beginning and experienced scripters, the emphasis of the sessions is on practical scripting information you can use, across a range of applications. ``I donit know of any other event that offers such a wide variety of AppleScript training, from scripting QuarkXPress and InDesign, to looking at the new scripting features in Illustrator and MacOS X,ii said Robertson. ``The fact that a real scripting guru like Shane Stanley is leading the event is an added bonus.ii

The first day of the sessions is an introduction to AppleScript. Subsequent days look at scripting real-world applications. "I can think of no better way for a beginner to learn than by getting an introduction to AppleScript, but then seeing how it is implemented in many different applications," said Robertson. "And a CD with all course scripts--many of which will be an aid to experienced scripters--is also included."

Registration for the AppleScript Pro Sessions is US$375/day, or US$1200 for the complete four day conference. You can find more information at the AppleScript Pro Sessions Web site.