AppleScripters: Appearance OSAX Updated

Czech Republic based 24U s.r.o. has released an update for Appearance OSAX 1.2. Appearance OSAX is an AppleScript development tool that allows AppleScripters to add features to their scripts. The new version adds some additional features. According to 24U:

Appearance OSAX gives AppleScript the features you always missed to communicate with user. It will let you pop-up alerts, display dialogs, open floating text message windows, show progress indicators, and post all kinds of notifications. Still as easy to use as "display dialog" but much more powerful.

With the version 1.2 you can now display even pop-up menus in your "better dialogs", and you also get some minor improvements including:

  • direct parameter in the "create message window" command for easier usage
  • period can be typed into text and password fields
  • returning field values correctly when text fieldis default value is erased

You can find more information on Appearance OSAX at the companyis Web site. The update is free to registered users, and the full version is priced at US$29.