Apple/Sirius Deal Unlikely

Sirius Satellite Radio CEO, Mel Karmazin, has discussed the possibility of working together with Apple CEO Steve Jobs, according to the New York Post. He doesnit feel, however, that a deal is very likely. Although Siriusis technology would make a nice fit with Appleis iPod, there is too much overlap in the two companyis products.

David Frear, Sirius Chief Financial Officer, noted that its S50 portable satellite radio lets users download programs, and fast forward or rewind through them. It also is capable of storing music files, much like the iPod. The Sirius S50 is priced at US$329.99, which puts it in line with the iPod product line, priced from $99 to $399.99.

The iPod is capable of storing and playing music downloaded from a computer, displaying calendar, schedule, and contact information, and displaying notes and other data. The one feature Sirius can offer is satellite radio, which many listeners prefer to traditional AM/FM commercial radio programming. The similarities in device features, however, may be enough to make Apple uncomfortable with a product or service partnership.

Mr. Frear noted at a press conference on Thursday, "Would we be interested in working with Apple? Sure. Iim not sure itis likely to happen."