Apple Ad Used As Tool For Determining Weakest Link

NBCis hit show, The Weakest Link, featured an Apple ad in last nightis broadcast. The Weakest Link is a game show that combines the best and worst attributes of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Survivor by putting contestants through a series of trivia/knowledge questions and then asking people to vote for whomever they consider to be the weakest link. Observer Nathan wrote in with this note:

I thought a question on last nightis "Weakest Link" was interesting to us Mac fans. One contestant was asked [approximately], "Who directed the 1984 Super Bowl advertisement for Apple Computer that introduced the Macintosh?" The contestant clearly did not know and guessed, "Martin Scorsese". Of course the hostess correctly gave the answer as "Ridley Scott".


Thanks for the note Nathan! Goodbye!

For more information on the 1984 commercial, this Web site at Duke University offers a good history.