Apple Addresses RAM Limitations Of Mac OS 9

Apple has added a new article to the Knowledge Base regarding OS 9is inability to access over 1.5GB of RAM. Appleis Knowledge Base (sometimes referred to as the KBase) is a central location for all of Appleis support documents and other important information.

If you have more than 1.5GB of RAM installed in your Power Mac G4 and you are using OS 9, About This Computer will display incorrect information. The solution is to upgrade to OS X, or use less RAM. From Apple:


When more than 1.5 GB RAM is installed in certain Power Mac G4 computers, the About This Computer window displays inaccurate memory usage information.

Products affected

  • Power Mac G4 (AGP Graphics)
  • Power Mac G4 (Gigabit Ethernet)
  • Power Mac G4 (Digital Audio)
  • Power Mac G4 (QuickSilver)
  • Power Mac G4 (QuickSilver 2002)
  • Power Mac G4 (Mirrored Drive Doors)
  • Mac OS 9


Mac OS 9 makes use of up to 1.5 GB of RAM. To make use of more than 1.5 GB RAM, use Mac OS X.

You can find the new Knowledge Base article at Appleis Web site.