Apple Adds .Mac Promo, Display Pricing To Apple Store Hot Deals

Apple has added a couple of promos to the Apple Store Hot Deals page. This Hot Deals page is for Appleis online store, as well as Apple Store brick and mortar locations. The first promo added is for an offer to get a .Mac membership when you buy a new Mac for US$69.95. Regular price is US$99. This offer has been available since January, but hasnit been promoted on Appleis site until now. The description of the deal:

Purchase a Mac between January 7 and June 28, 2003, and pay just $69.95 for a one-year .Mac membership. With .Mac, you get Virex anti-virus protection, automatic backup software, 100MB of online storage, .Mac Mail, Mac-to-Mac synchronization with iSync, online calendar sharing with iCal, and Web site creation and hosting services. A comparable value of over $250 — for just 19¢ a day.

The promo is called "Every Mac Needs .Mac," and you can find it at the Hot Deals for Apple Store Web page.

The other promo that has been added to the Apple Store is called "Choose your Display." This promo is really only pushing the lower prices on Apple displays that were lowered earlier this year, and the new promo seems to simply be a way to promote those prices. Apple dropped the 17" Studio display to US$699, the 23" Cinema Display HD to US$1999 (from US$3499), and introduced the new 20" Cinema Display for US$1299. This promo can also be found at the Hot Deals for Apple Store page.