Apple Adds 140 Session Descriptions For 2003 WWDC

In addition to moving the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) to San Francisco in June (originally planned for San Jose in May), Apple has also added session descriptions for more than 140 different WWDC sessions. The WWDC is Appleis annual gathering for developers. Apple provides training sessions, access to Apple engineers, and other resources for developers at the week long event. The new information Apple posted on the WWDC site offers specific descriptions for those 140 sessions. Some of those sessions:

Building Computational Clusters
Learn how to build powerful computational clusters with Mac OS X Server, Xserve and Xserve RAID. Hear how customers are designing and deploying large installations to solve a variety of complex computing problems.

Tuning Software with Performance Tools
Youive brought your application over to Mac OS X and now itis time to make it fast! The Apple Developer Tools include a broad suite of tools for profiling and analyzing applications. This session explains how to use them in combination with concepts of performance tuning to improve the performance of your Mac OS X application. Developers will take away a checklist of performance concepts and learn how to use the tools to profile application behavior, inspect and optimize memory usage, object allocation, threading, and other factors that affect performance.

Performance Optimization with Velocity Engine
Apple offers supercomputing performance to both consumers and professionals with Velocity Engine and the PowerPC G4 processor in its entire line of desktop computers. Processor-bound operations such as memory copies, string compares, and page clears can be offloaded to the vector engines of the G4. This session provides an overview of the Velocity Engine vector libraries, including recently optimized double-precision FFTs, MDCT, and BLAST. Appleis numerics engineers will discuss techniques for general vectorization and for identifying code that can be vectorized.

QuickTime for the Web
This is an information-packed session that will cover basic and advanced techniques for using QuickTime on your web pages. Topics include the easiest and most effective ways to embed QuickTime in a page, techniques that work cross-platform and cross-browser, using the EMBED and OBJECT tags, scripting the QuickTime plug-in and ActiveX controls with JavaScript, launching QuickTime from a text link, how to launch full-screen movies from a web page, and using MPEG-4 and QuickTime together over the Internet.

Because of the changes to the WWDCis scheduling , Apple has extended Early Bird Registration by more than a month. Early Bird Registration provides developers with a US$300 discount. If you want more information on the WWDC, including registration information and the new track descriptions, please visit the WWDC Web site.