Apple Adds FireWire Tape Drive To Online Store

Ecrix VXA has announced that Apple is now carrying their VXA-1 FireWire Tape Drive Kit at the Apple Store online. The drive supports 66GB media and provides users with a fast and easy backup solution. According to the product description at the Apple Store online:

Whatis 66 GBs, 6 MBps and coffee-proof? The new VXA-1 FireWire tape drive. Superior read/write architecture that guarantees 100% data restore. Itis the drive with the highest reliability and $/GB value for FireWire today.

For those looking for a mass storage and backup solution, the VXA-1 FireWire Tape Drive provides an attractive alternative. According to Excrix VXA:

I wanted to alert you that the Apple web store is now selling the VXA-1 FireWire Tape Drive Kit for only $999. The price was formerly $1,149. This is a great deal for users, as the kit includes an external FireWire tape drive, a 33/66GB tape, cables and a cleaning cartridge.

The VXA-1 FireWire Tape Drive is the only high-performance tape drive that Apple sells. In the Apple store, click on accessories then storage to find the VXA-1.

You can find more information at the VXA Web site.