Apple Adds Hot Deals For Education Apple Store, Updates Hot Deals For CDW

Apple has added a new Hot Deals section to its online Apple Store for Education. The Hot Deals section is part of the Macintosh Product Guide, and it features deals available to education buyers. In some cases, these are the same deals available to other Apple Store customers, but now they are available to education buyers at Appleis education prices.

As of this writing, that includes the deal on the PowerBook plus a display with US$150 off, US$300 off a PowerMac G4, the new FireFly promotion, and other software and hardware deals.

You can find the Hot Deals for the Apple Store for Education at Appleis Macintosh Product Guide.

In other Hot Deals news, Apple has updated the CDW Hot Deals page. The updated CDW deals include software, hardware, and iPod deals.