Apple Adds New .Mac Member Benefits

Apple has updated its .Mac Member Benefits page with three new offers. Some of the new gifts and specials include free iTunes training, a free Solitaire game package, and US$5 off of a Mah Jong game. From Apple:

  • Free Training "Going Digital with iTunes" - US$39.95 value AVAILABLE NOW

  • Released 7/9/03
    Appleis online training Going Digital with iTunes is available free with full .Mac membership. Practice steps, helpful tips, and 28 QuickTime movies show how to use iTunes 4 and your Mac, including adding an iPod to your digital music system and using the new iTunes Music Store.

  • Free Super GameHouse Solitaire Games AVAILABLE NOW

  • Released 7/9/03
    Kick back and explore six great solitaire games: Golf, Turbo, Klondike, Pyramid, Crescent, and Addiction?each with itis own distinctive twist. Three different levels of difficulty will keep you progressively challenged. Start with the basic Golf game and work your way up to the ultra-challenging Addiction.

  • US$5 Off Super Mah Jong from GameHouse AVAILABLE NOW

  • Released 7/9/03
    .Mac members get a special discount on this elegant solitaire game with a Mah Jong flavor. Includes three tile styles, twenty tile layouts, four music tracks, a reshuffle option, and a save-your-progress feature. Download the full-featured demo, then take advantage of the .Mac discount so you can keep playing the game.

You can get more information at Appleis .Mac Member Benefits page.