Apple Adds New Hot Deals Retailer, Updates From MacZone, B&H, & Musician's Friend

Apple has made all sorts of updates to its Hot Deals site at the Macintosh Product Guide. The Mac Product Guide is a list of Mac compatible hardware and software products on the market. The Hot Deals section of the Product guide feature several Mac retailers, including some new audio-oriented retailers, and special offers that one can only get, at least in theory, at the Hot Deals page.

First up is yet another new retailer. Publishing Perfection is a Mac retailer that focuses on the publishing, print, and digital content markets. The companyis first set of Hot Deals is includes a high-end digital camera, a high-end consumer digital camera, a flatbed scanner as well as a 3D scanner, DVD-R media, several software offerings, and a monitor calibration tool. Find out more information at the Publishing Perfection Hot Deals page.

MacZoneis Hot Deals page includes two digital cameras, a Handspring Trio Palm OS device, and three software deals. Find out more information at the MacZone Hot Deals page.

B&H has all sorts of new offerings on digital cameras, digital video cameras, a couple of software deals, a Wacom tablet, and an external USB floppy drive. Find out more information at the B&H Hot Deals page.

Musicianis Friend has added several MIDI offerings to its Hot Deals page, as well as other mixing board and software offerings. Find out more information at the Musicianis Friendis Hot Deals page.