Apple Adds Three Sony CD Burners With CD Authoring Support Update

Apple Authoring Software now supports more drives with the release of the latest update. The update adds three CD-R drives from Sony that have been tested by Apple. From Apple:

CD-R drive manufacturers often use several different mechanisms in the same CD-R product. The following drive models and mechanisms are the only new combinations tested by Apple. This list may change; for the latest information, check the Apple CD-R Compatibility Web site.

Drive Name - Mechanism
Sony CRX-1650L-A2 - CRX-1611
Sony Digital Relay - CRX-1611
Sony Spressa Professional 10x4x32x - CRX145E

For more information about identifying the firmware and mechanisms of your CD-R drive, see the document "Mac OS 9: How to Determine an Optical Driveis Mechanism and Firmware Version" on the AppleCare Knowledge Base Web site:

For the complete list of supported external FireWire and USB CD-R drives, go to the Apple CD-R Compatibility Web site:

You can get the Authoring Support Update directly from Apple.