Apple Adds Tiger Support, More to Xsan 1.1

Apple on Tuesday updated Xsan, its storage area network (SAN) file system software, to version 1.1.

Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger" users should download the update specifically for them, since it introduces Tiger support, while administrators running v10.3.9 need to download a separate update. Apple also updated its Xsan Admin software, which enables remote administrations, configuration and maintenance of file networks.

Fixes common to both versions of the Xsan 1.1 update include better server stability when resharing Xsan volumes through NFS and the maintaining of access to Xsan volumes when metadata controller failovers occur. The upgrade also enables the use of Xsan in environments where servers are running Mac OS X v10.3.9 and v10.4. The Tiger-specific update provides metadata controller services to systems using Xsan 1.1 on v10.3.9 or higher and allows access to volumes larger than 16TB.

Appleis Xsan Admin update includes such fixes as the display of progress messages while performing lengthy operations, the prevention of manually modified configuration settings from being overwritten during a save, accurate reporting of Fibre Channel multipathing errors and more. The softwareis e-mail notification system can also now alert an administrator to the imminent expiration of an Xsan software serial number.