Apple Announces 141 In Store Events For Mac OS X On March 24th

Apple has announced some 141 In Store Events on March 24th and 25th to promote Mac OS X, iTunes, and iMovie. Appleis new hardware will also be featured. March 24th is the date picked for the release of Mac OS X. According to Appleis Web site:

Join the Apple Experts during Appleis In-Store Events to learn about Mac OS X, iMovie, iTunes and the new faster-than-ever Macs.

The sweet and simple way to make beautiful music — iTunes, now built for Mac OS X.

Like most people, youive probably been building your collection of music CDs for quite a while. Maybe theyire stacked up to the ceiling. Maybe theyire bulging out of numerous carrying cases. Maybe a lot of them feature only one or two songs you really like. iTunes to the rescue: Whatever your situation, it can help manage your music and make it more enjoyable.

The best way to make great movies — iMovie 2, now built for Mac OS X.

The ease of use and professional-quality effects in iMovie now make making movies as much fun as watching them — and allow you to create movies youill want to share over and over again with friends and family.  

Mac OS X
The worldis most advanced operating system.

If all the Mac advantages arenit enough to sway any would-be computer buyer, enter Mac OS X — the worldis most advanced operating system. For the universe of computer users, Mac OS X is a true quantum leap. It does nothing less than bring together the power and stability of UNIX with the simplicity and elegance of Macintosh.

Check out the store list for retailers in your area participating in the Apple In-Store Event during the weekend of March 24-25.

You can get the full list of In Store Events Appleis Web site. You can get more information on the events as well.