Apple Announces Mac OS X Seminar For IT Professionals In Education

Apple has added a new series of seminars to its education roster called "Integrating Mac OS X on Campus." As the name suggests, the new seminar is designed to show IT professionals how to integrate Mac OS X into their campus networks. Apple is hosting 25 of these seminars across the country. From the seminaris Web page:

A new seminar for IT professionals.
Join us at Integrating Mac OS X on Campus to see how easily Appleis Mac OS X can be integrated into mixed computing environments. Youill learn how UNIX-based Mac OS X integrates with Active Directory, LDAP v3, and Kerberos, and discover open source client management tools, including Radmind and RsyncX.

Drawing on the successes of major universities and colleges participating in the Mac OS X Lab Deployment Project and the expertise of Apple engineers, the seminar provides real-world solutions for installing, maintaining, and managing Mac OS X systems in any environment.

The seminar is free to attend for those eligible to attend, and you can get details on each seminar at the eventis Web page. The direct links are controlled by WebObjects sessions (which expire), or we would provide them.

Thanks to Observer Answar for the heads up on the seminar.