Apple Announces Winners Of Keynote Design Contest

Observer Anwar wrote in to note that Apple has announced the winners of its Present Your Passion Keynote design contest. The contest was announced in May, and offered a grand prize of a 23" Cinema Display HD, 1000 iTMS downloads to 1st place, and 500 downloads to 3rd place. To enter, contestants had to make a Keynote presentation. From Apple:

Passion breeds creativity. Apple is delighted to announce the winners of the "Present Your Passion" contest. In June 2004, Apple invited Keynote users to submit presentations on the things they love most. From a pool of hundreds of impressive entries, weive chosen the top three, as well as six Honorable Mentions.

Take a look at the winning presentations and see for yourself how Keynote can help you turn your creative ideas into compelling presentations. You bring the passion. Keynote provides the rest.

View these presentations either by downloading the Keynote presentations or by watching the QuickTime movies. Please note that the Keynote presentations may use fonts that you may not have on your system. You can still view these presentations, but if you do not have these fonts, the presentations may not appear exactly as their authors intended them.

  • Grand Prize - "Making Megis Cards" by Meg Spoto
  • 1st Place - "This Is Holy land" by Cathy Carter
  • 2nd Place - "Pennies" by David Joyce

The contest home page has the full list of winners, including 6 honorable mentions, and links to QuickTime movies of the presentations. Congratulations to the winners!