Apple Brings Free Jaguar To Aussie Teachers

Australian newspaper "The Advertiser" noted today that Appleis X for Teachers program has migrated down under. The program offers free copies of Mac OS X 10.2, or Jaguar as it is known, to Australian teachers, and is the same program Apple introduced in the States last year. Unlike the US program, however, the Aussie version doesnit appear to include copies of Appleis iApps. What is included is a copy of Jaguar, a Mac OS X training CD, and 90 days of phone support.

After rolling out the program in October, Apple added Canada later that month, and then Europe in January. The description of the program on Apple Australiais Web site:

X for Teachers program
Apple Australia is pleased to announce the X for Teachers programme which will provide all K-12 and qualifying Australian teachers with a free copy of Mac OS X v10.2 when they join the X for Teachers program. The program is designed to show teachers the stability and manageability of Mac OS X and how it gives them a powerful foundation for integrating technology into their classrooms.

Program details
From 2nd May to 27th June 2003, qualifying K-12 teachers can order their free X for Teachers Kit, which provides everything a teacher needs to learn and become comfortable with Mac OS X, including:

  • Getting Started with Mac OS X Training CD filled with practice exercises, tips, and over 80 QuickTime movies
  • Mac OS X v10.2 Install CD set
  • Telephone support for 90 days
  • Manual and license agreement

Do I qualify?
To qualify for the X for Teachers program, you must be a K-12 teacher at an Apple approved school (public or private schools) and you must agree to have the software delivered to your school address.

How do I order?
To order your X for Teachers Kit, simply apply online - weill ask a few questions to verify you and your school. The rest is automatic. Teachers should receive the X for Teachers Kit within 14 days of placing their order.

You can find more information on the program at the special Web page set up by Apple Australia.