Apple Brings Top OS X Engineers To Help Developers At WWDC

Apple is hauling out the big guns for the WWDC. The company has announced that they have brought in developers from seven top-notch Mac OS X companies, most with roots going back to NextStep/OpenStep days, to help answer developer questions at the conference. The idea is to help developers new to Mac OS X development make new X apps, or port their existing apps to Mac OS X. According to Apple:

With well over 100 technical sessions on tap for WWDC 2001, youill receive all the latest information you need to create killer products for Appleis revolutionary Mac OS X from Appleis top engineers. But to assist you further still, Apple has invited seven of the hi-tech industryis best engineering firms to attend WWDC 2001. These firms include Prosoft Engineering, Robosoft, Art & Logic, The Omni Group, ShadeTree, Recosoft, and Atimi Software. Each is well versed in Mac OS X development, and will be present to answer any questions you might have about creating or porting products to Mac OS X. Be sure to look for their booths on the main concourse of the San Jose Convention Center. Theyill be available all week, beginning after the Monday morning Fireside Chat with Steve Jobs.

Donit miss out on whatis sure to be a block-buster event; register for WWDC 2001 today.

You can find more information, including registration info, at Appleis WWDC 2001 Web site.