Apple CFO Files To Sell Another 100,000 AAPL Shares, Four Insider Transactions In Two Weeks

Dow Jones reported on Friday that Apple CFO Fred Anderson has filed to sell another 100,000 shares of his Apple holdings. This marks the fourth incident of insider transactions from Appleis inner circle of executives during the last two weeks.

Mr. Anderson filed to sell 100,000 shares of AAPL for April 23rd, and Senior Vice President Nancy Heinen filed to sell 125,000 shares of her holdings for a sale on April 30th. Apple Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Operations, Timothy Cook filed to sell 25,000 shares of Appleis stock on April 22nd. Mr. Andersonis second filing says that his own sale of stock was also to take place on April 30th. Executives of publicly held companies are required by the SEC to formally file their stock transactions involving stock from the company for whom they work. From the Dow Jones report:

Apple Computer Inc. (AAPL) Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Fred D. Anderson has filed to sell 100,000 shares of the companyis common stock, according to a Form 144 released Friday by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Anderson listed April 30 as the approximate date of sale for the shares, which he valued at $2.4 million.

The filing listed Charles Schwab & Co . as the broker for the sales.

In all of 2001, there were two sell transactions filed with the SEC. Gareth Chang sold 60,000 shares optioned for the purpose of selling on October 22nd, 2001. Mitch Mandich, ousted Vice President of Worldwide Sales (retirement announced in October of 2000), optioned and sold more than 245,000 shares in March of 2001.

Also during 2001 was a purchase of 50,000 by Arthur D. Levinson, a director on Appleis Board.

The last two weeks have seen two times the sell transactions as all of 2001. You can see all of Appleis insider transactions at Yahoo!is Web site. Appleis stock closed on Friday at 23.51, down 0.18 (-0.76%) on moderately light volume of 4,122,000 shares trading hands. Join in on the discussion of insider transactions in our Apple Finance Boards.

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