Apple Cancels CQF, Replaces It With Apple Software Seeding Program

We received a note this weekend from an anonymous Observer saying that Apple is cancelling its CQF (Customer Quality Feedback) program. CQF was used to seed development versions of Appleis software to Mac users who would test the software and report any problems back to Apple. The CQF program has long been known to be a major source of leaks for Apple. The company is replacing CQF with a new program called the Apple Software Seeding program. From our Observer:

Just got the e-mail a little bit ago. Apple has officially closed the CQF program. Here is the main snippet:

"Apple thanks you for your loyalty and participation in the Customer Quality Feedback Program (CQF). CQF was a part of Appleis Hardware Engineering Division. Recently, Apple has decided to permanently discontinue the CQF Program and transfer software seeding responsibilities to the Software Engineering Divisionis Customer Software Seeding Team. As with all business decisions, this change is a result of making choices that will result in growth and opportunity at Apple. Please accept our gratitude for everything you have provided to Apple via the CQF Program. The following information is about Apple Customer Software Seeding, a program you may wish to join."

The rest of the e-mail goes on to try and recruit to the Apple Software Seeding program. They just tell you how great it would be if you joined the program and whatnot.

Thanks for the note!