Apple Comes in 10th on Worldwide List of Top Web Sites

comScore Networks on Monday released its June World Metrix report, which looks at the top Web sites in the world. Apple came in 10th on the list, with just over 92 million unique visitors during the month.

Microsoft came in first, with nearly 500 million visitors to its various Web sites. Yahoo! was second, with just over 480 million, followed by Google (453 million), eBay (256 million), Time Warner (219 million), (129 million), Wikipedia (127 million), the Ask Network (111 million), and Adobe (95 million).

The companies trailing Apple were Lycos (87 million), CNET Networks (84 million), Monster Worldwide (72 million), (67 million), and MySpace (66 million).

comScoreis analysis only looked at Web users who were 15 or older. The research firm said that there were nearly 713 million worldwide Web users aged 15 or older in June, with the United States accounting for 21% of them, China 11%, and Japan 7%. All of the numbers excluded visits from Internet cafes as well as cell phones and other mobile devices.