Apple Continues To Get Noticed In IT-Oriented Press

Many folks wonder if Appleis new push into corporate IT server rooms has a chance. Apple had made half-hearted efforts before, but only managed to get slapped like it stole something. This time is different, or so says Elizabeth Millard in an article appearing in the eCommerce Times titled "Accounting for Appleis New Respect." From the article:

Apple Computer is used to name-calling. Macs have been dismissed as geek machines, used by members of a cult-like community who appreciate design over function and an eye-candy interface over simpler, more humble graphics.

However, that image has slowly begun to fade. Now, Apple is going after its toughest audience yet: IT managers.

This is not the first time Apple has tried to crack the corporate market, but in this round, the company has eschewed splashy, dramatic efforts. It is focusing instead on quietly gaining respect among Windows-centric customers.

The companyis not-so-secret weapon is Xserve, a powerful and inexpensive server that could land on IT wish lists -- if Apple plays its cards right.

The article makes some good points. Stop by eCommerce Times and read the full text.