Apple Creates New Executive Position to Regain Education Market Share

Apple announced this week the creation of a new executive position, vice president for Education Marketing and Solutions. Cherly Vedoe will be the first to hold the Macintosh "education czar" post. Steve Jobs exclaimed, "The education market is a top priority for Apple, and we intend to regain market share beginning in 2001."

Appleis recent poor sales performance has revealed a number of weaknesses in Cupertinois sales leadership team and some strategic blunders as well. Apparently the company is wasting little time in attempting to apply new solutions to the problems.

Ms. Vedoe is aware of the issues unique to Appleis market situation since she formerly worked for Apple as a VP for education. In her new position she will report directly to Appleis CEO, Steve Jobs.

The Apple press release stated:

"Most recently, Vedoe was CEO of Post Communications, a venture capital backed startup providing email marketing technology and services. Prior to that, she was a founder and CEO of Tenth Planet, a developer of innovative curricular software for elementary classrooms. Previously, Vedoe gained extensive experience in the education market as vice president of Apple’s Education Division. She has also held a variety of engineering and marketing management positions at Sun Microsystems, Apollo Computer and Digital Equipment."

Appleis sales organization is undergoing seismic changes from the top down. In the last month, Mitch Mandich VP for Worldwide Sales retired. Tim Cook, VP of Worldwide Operations is currently filling in for Mr. Mandich while a search continues for a suitable replacement.

More recently Cupertino installed former UK general manager Brendan OiSullivan as head of a newly created pan-European sales unit focusing on the education market.

According to the, "The creation of the VP for education marketing and solutions post is clearly a direct response to the dip in sales to the sector, highlighted as one of the causes of Appleis below-par performance in its most recent quarterly results."

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