Apple Death Knell #51: Apple Will Dump Macs Unless Market Share Doubles

Writing for MacNewsWorld, Rob Enderle makes a record-breaking prediction of death for the Mac platform, this time suggesting that Apple will voluntarily exit the computer business if it canit double market share by 2008.

He offers no support for this hypothesis, nor does he explain why Apple would leave a market where it comfortably makes a tidy profit at the market share levels he implies are too small. Accordingly, there is little of substance to rebut or debate.

His comment: "2008 will be a critical year for Apple, Microsoft, and the Linux contingent. If Apple canit significantly expand its presence by then in the PC market it is likely going to be finished with this segment. Its likely path in that case will be to focus more aggressively on the consumer electronics market it currently dominates."

As a declarative statement, it does warrant a listing in the Apple Death Knell Counter as Death Knell #51.

[Edit: Edited to include the comment we are counting as a Death Knell. - Editor]