Apple Debuts Two New GarageBand Loop Sets

Apple Computer announced Wednesday two new libraries of music loops for its GarageBand music creation software product.

Jam Pack 2 contains remix tools to create dance-floor grooves with a complete set of beats, bass lines, synth hooks, and keyboard riffs. The package contains over 2000 prerecorded loops covering different styles and tempos.

Jam Pack 3 is considered a drum and rhythm library with an array of drum kits, percussion, basses, guitars, and other essential instruments to create modern rock beats, country shuffles and pop grooves. The p[ackage has over 2000 loops. Foundation elements include more than1000 loops of drum beats and fills and1000 more bass lines, guitar and keyboard riffs, and chord progressions.

The new Jam Packs are available now for a suggested retail price of US$99 each.