Apple Delivers .Mac Christmas Surprises

Apple has sprung a number of Christmas igiftsi on subscribers of its .Mac service, including a free arcade game and downloadable chapters from a new Robin Williams Mac book.

The free game is Holiday Express from game maker HipSoft LLC. The arcade game lets players arrange gifts to fill up a train and reveal hundreds of festive photos in scenic or express format. Players slowly remove puzzle pieces to uncover photos, including their own custom images. The game normally retails for US$19.95, the company said.

In addition, .Mac members are also being offered a 25% discount on all existing Mac games from HipSoft, including Digbyis Donuts, Flip Words and Trivia Machine.

Also available for free download are two chapters from Robin Williams Cool Mac Apps book, published by Peachpit Press. The chapters cover .Macis HomePage and backup applications and are not mirror images of another free chapter available through PeachPitis Web site.

Peachpit Press is also offering a 30% discount on the book, resulting in a final price of $15.39.