Apple Developer Connection: HIToolbox Shows the Way To OS X GUI

Programmers looking for instruction on how to set up a User Interface (UI) for an OS X application need look no further than the Human interface Toolbox (The HIToolbox), a set of programming tools. Apple has provided a thorough examination of the HIToolbox, complete with examples of code and small completed programs that illustrate how to use the tools. From the article:

The Human Interface Toolbox provides user interface elements (controls) for application developers to use in their programs. Mac OS X v10.2 Jaguar introduced HIObject, the base class in an object-oriented model within the Human Interface Toolbox. This model includes the HIView and HIToolbar subclasses. This article looks at HIView and its child classes, including their creation, event handling, and the derivation of custom classes. If you have pre-Carbon controls, you will find this material useful in planning and executing a move to the HIView model. If your application already uses Carbon controls, you will learn how to incorporate HIView and Control Manager objects.

The in-depth article is a must read for developers of OS X applications. You can find the full article at Appleis Developer Connection Web site.